Film: „Where will I live”

Finding a flat in Poland on your own without intermediaries is entirely feasible. If you have found a decent place, you can make an appointment right away and watch it. Thanks to online services such as OLX. pl, Avito and others, an apartment in Poland can be found by anyone. It is worthwhile to use various search functions offered by the service when searching for a standstill. In the ads search engine, we can choose what type of property we are looking for, whether it is an apartment or a room, the location narrowing can be defined by choosing the town and district, and then the preferred prices and areas of the premises. When signing a tenancy agreement, you must agree with the landlord what is included in the rent amount. Find out how the charges are calculated, e. g. whether the water bills are lump-sum. It is worth asking the owner what are more or less the costs of fixed monthly bills based on the experience of previous tenants. You may be asked to present the bills for the last months.




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