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Krakow Ambassador of Multiculturalism Competition

In December 2018, the City Council of Krakow, guided by the intention of supporting activities and initiatives aimed at promoting cultural, ethnic, religious diversity and the integration of Krakow residents and foreign environments, established the KRAKOW AMBASSADOR OF MULTICULTURISM title, awarded to persons or entities acting for intercultural dialogue in Krakow.

Pursuant to Resolution No. III/31/18 of the City Council of Krakow dated December 19, 2018 regarding the establishment of the title KRAKOW AMBASSADOR OF MULTICULTURALISM, the distinction can be granted to individuals or such entities as: an NGO, institution, company, informal group.

The KRAKOW AMBASSADOR MULTICULTURALISM title is granted by the Mayor of the City of Krakow at the request of the CHAPTER OF MULTICULTURALISM, annually for the previous calendar year.

The Chapter of Multiculturalism is appointed annually pursuant to the Order of the Mayor of the City of Krakow on the basis of Resolution No. III/31/18 of the Krakow City Council of December 19, 2018.

The winners of the title receive prizes in the form of a symbolic multi-colored Lajkonik.

They can also be honored by naming them KRAKOW AMBASSADORS OF MULTICULTURALISM in the City's published items. The winners have the right to use the graphic symbol of the KRAKOW AMBASSADOR OF MULTICULTURALISM title.

Applications for the KRAKOW AMBASSADOR OF MULTICULTURALISM title must be submitted on an entry form.

The deadline for submitting applications is March 10 each year at the Social Policy and Health Department of the Krakow City Office, 24 Dekerta Str., 30-703 Krakow.

The Mayor awards the KRAKOW AMBASSADOR OF MULTICULTURALISM title in the second quarter of each year for the previous year.

Regulations notes:

  1. Any entity that deems it legitimate has the right to submit applications for the Krakow Ambassador of Multiculturalism A.D. title (year of the title).
  2. No entity submitting the application can be a candidate at the same time.
  3. The application can be accompanied by other, additional documentation, that the person submitting the application considers to be helpful for the work of the Chapter of Multiculturalism.

"Krakow Ambassador of Multiculturalism" competition - 1st edition, year 2019