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Open Krakow

Welcome to the "Open Krakow" Program website.


Bannery_OK_Jezykowe_EnglOur site is dedicated to matters related to the multiculturalism of our city.
On this website we will inform residents about the initiatives and activities that are aimed at the foreigners living in Krakow and the residents who are particularly interested in the culture, history and the life of foreigners, national and ethnic minorities, whose representatives chose our city as their place of residence.
What is more, the information on the website will be posted in English, Ukrainian and Russian, which may be useful in solving the everyday problems of residents who do not speak Polish. You will find here, among others, guidebooks, procedures and other information about events organized by the Krakow City Office. Feel free to submit comments about our site and you are welcome to contribute, sending information to the address

The "Open Krakow" Program has been implemented in our city since 2016, with a number of activities aimed at creating a society living as a community, using the potential of the representatives of national and ethnic minorities and foreigners to favor the development of it. The objective of the Program is to implement the policy of Krakow's openness to the representatives of national and ethnic minorities and foreigners through building a sense of solidarity among its citizens, as well as their awareness and knowledge about the culture and customs of other nationalities; shaping a tolerant attitude towards foreigners, national and ethnic minorities.




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