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MURAL project

Mutual Understanding, Respect and Learning - MURAL is an international project led by the British Council in Poland in cooperation with organizations from six countries: Poland, Great Britain, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands and German.

The participating institutions were selected on the basis of their involvement in the processes of building a dialogue and exchanging the best practices that support tolerance and mutual respect. MURAL is co-financed by the European Commission as part of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship program. The project is implemented in Poland by the Social Policy and Health Department of the City of Krakow and British Council Poland.

MURAL is an international project enabling the meeting of six partners from the European Union: Poland, Great Britain, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands and Germany, chaired by the British Council Foundation.

What are we going to achieve through MURAL?

MURAL, realizing activities supporting the growth of tolerance and respect for various faiths, religious beliefs and ethnic identities, aims to counteract the growing problem of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim prejudices in Europe. The project promotes the principles of pluralism and democracy, supports transnational cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and the most effective practices to counteract intolerance.

Who is MURAL addressed to?

The addressees of the project are people who are exposed to the manifestations of discrimination in their daily work (as activists, leaders and representatives of regional authorities). We care about cooperation with them because they are connected with the local community, aware of challenges and willing to change the reality for the better.

The project included training 61 leaders, teachers, educators, social activists, employees of libraries and Krakow's culture centers.

Now it's time for action. We will inform you about the projects implemented by the leaders of the MURAL project in Krakow.

You will find more about the project on:

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