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Scribble Team

For many years, Polish cities have been destroyed by scribbles, vulgar inscriptions and drawings, hate speech. The Scribble Fight Group faces the barbarians who draw the scribble, swastikas, racist and anti-Semitic inscriptions on the facades of Krakow tenement houses. They cover the hate speech with the "silence of paint". The Scribble Fight Group is an informal coalition of people of good will: neighbors, artists, as well as officials and employees of municipal institutions.

The aim of the Scribble Fight Group is to reduce the dangerous and harmful phenomenon of devastating public space by inducing social "fashion" for the responsibility for the immediate surroundings.

The most important element of the Scribble Fight Group’s campaign are the neighborhood picnics organized by them, combined with covering scribbles with paint by the residents of the sprayed buildings.

The Scribble Fight Group invites volunteers, scouts, housing cooperatives, property managers, schools to paint scribble together. They also cooperate with artists and students of visual arts to create murals.

The Scribble Fight Group also organizes paint collections that are left when residents finish their renovations. The paints serve as a "patch" for the "spray-wounded" facades.

The Scribble Fight Group also strives to introduce legislative changes in the scope of prosecution and the punishment of the perpetrators of urban vandalism. To this end, the Malopolska Region politicians were invited to form a coalition to supplement and harmonize the law, which will allow for a more effective fight against the phenomenon of devastating cities with scribble.

The activities of the Scribble Fight Group are observed and supported by Krakow and nationwide media. The Scribble Fight Group’s campaign received a statuette in the "Patriotically crazy" category from the PolskaPress group. The Scribble Fight Group's actions enjoy the growing interest and support of the Krakow community.

Pursuant to Regulation No. 2328/2016 of 07.09.2016, the Mayor of the City of Krakow appointed a Task Team for the Limitation of Scribble in Krakow.

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