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Film: „How to find a good job?”

You ask yourself, why you can't find a good job? Or even some kind of job? Maybe I have inadequate education or too little experience? Or maybe other candidates can boast specialist skills?


  1. Write your CV and cover letter as a great candidate.
  2. Properly prepare for the interview, read the information about the company, if there is such an opportunity, find out with whom the interview will be conducted, read what this person does in the company and prepare interesting questions about your position.
  3. Show your advantages, explain why it is worth employing you.
  4. Take care of the so-called networking and build a database of "acquaintances", show that you know well known people in your field, read, observe, and are interested in professional life.


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Osoba publikująca: SYLWIA DROŻDŻ
Podmiot publikujący: Otwarty Kraków
Data publikacji: 2019-03-28
Data aktualizacji: 2019-03-28