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Krakow – a city for everyone! City guide for foreigners

Dear Residents of Krakow!

Multiculturalism built the identity of historic Krakow and we want it to create it today as well. We are glad that you have chosen our city as a place to live, study, work or safe asylum.

We are committed to making everyone feel at home in Krakow. That is why we have once again prepared the Guide for you, which will help you move around the city and run your errands here. Krakow is a city that is open, socially engaged and, above all, responsive to the needs of all residents – including the
newest ones. We listen to your problems and do eve-rything to make it easier for you to join our community.

We realize how challenging it can be to be fluent in Polish, so we make eve-ry effort to communicate with each other. That is why this guide has been prepared in four language versions: Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian. In this way, we want to reach the widest possible audience of our new residents to say that.
Krakow is a city for everyone!

Jacek Majchrowski
Mayor of the City of Krakow


Krakow – a city for everyone! City guide for foreigners


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Data publikacji: 2024-03-04
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