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Challenge accepted: react on discrimination. Confronting discriminative behaviours in the workplace

We aim to understand better what oppression is, by using movement, gesture, and physical expression.


Challenge accepted - event with Multicultural Centre in Krakow
Fot. Centrum Wielokulturowe w Krakowie

Workshop, based on Rainbow of desires - a powerful tool of Augusto Boal, refers to the various emotions that drive human behavior and can be explored and represented through theatrical performance. Expressing disapproval of experienced or witnessed discrimination can stop it from escalating and correct the behaviour of the perpetrators.

The workshop is an opportunity for personal and social transformation, allowing individuals to reflect on and explore their own emotions and desires and to create more harmonious communities.

Date: May 22nd, Wednesday, 5:30 – 7 PM

Venue: Centrum Wielokulturowe w Krakowie, Zabłocie 20

Speaker: Michalina Konkel, Director, DE&I Organisational Development, Diversity Hub.

Participants: Everyone ready to engage their mind and body to get better understanding of oppression.

Registration via form:

The event is organized by the IB Poland Foundation as part of the Equality May organized by the City of Kraków. More information can be found at

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Autor: Centrum Wielokulturowe w Krakowie
Osoba publikująca: Anna Niezgoda
Podmiot publikujący: Otwarty Kraków
Data publikacji: 2024-05-15
Data aktualizacji: 2024-05-15

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